Metal Sculpture Born Out of Fire

Through trial and error and over thirty five years of experimentation Barr Jozwicki has developed a sculptural technique that is truly unique. While other artists paint with a brush, he paints and shapes his metal sculptures with fire. Barr uses a 5000 oxy-acetylene torch to cut color and shape metals. His copper brass, chrome steel and bronze creations come alive with character, color and dimension. Each piece each makes a unique statement that is adaptable to public, corporate and residential settings. Barr's direct metal sculpture is exhibited in many galleries, museums, homes and cooperate headquarters throughout the world.

Many of the skylines and cityscapes have found homes in the cities and towns they depict. Let Barr personalize a scene with your name or the name of your business.
The trees, branches, flowers and bonsai's all have a distinctive award winning character. Let Barr bring a piece of nature into your home.
Over the last three decades hundreds of clients have worked with Barr to design, and create that perfect piece. Let Barr create a custom piece for you.

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