Barr Jozwicki
Metal Sculpture

185 Winchester Street
Brookline, MA 02446
By appointment only
(617) 738-1710
Through trial and error and over twenty-five years of experimentation, Barr Jozwicki has developed a sculptural technique that is truly unique. While other artists paint with a brush, he paints with fire. Barr uses a 5000 o oxy-acetylene torch to cut, color and shape metal. His copper, brass, steel, bronze and chrome creations come alive with color and dimension. Balancing accuracy and creativity, his metal sculptures record nature in exquisite grace and detail.

Barr is direct metal sculpture is exhibited nationally in galleries, private collections, museums and corporate headquarters. Many of his skylines and cityscapes have found homes in the cities they depict. Among these are Paris, Boston, London, New York, Rio, Venice and Tokyo.

The artist and his wife, parents of five, grandparents of three, live in Brookline, Massachusetts. His passion for art involves a strong relationship with the community. Barr has served for many years on his local Arts Council. Using his experience with over 1000 art shows and galleries, Barr serves as a mentor for other artists. He has conducted master classes for other sculptors, art centers, school children and Arts Councils. Barr's talent and dedication to his craft make metal come alive.


Boscone, Massachusetts
Chatham Art Festival, Massachusetts
Dedham Art Guild, Massachusetts
Glastonbury Art Show, Connecticut
Herkimer Art and Craft Show, New York
Lake Regions Fine Arts Festival, New Hampshire
LARAC, New York
Massachussetts Horticultural Society
Narragansett Art Festival, Rhode Island
Norwich Rose Arts Festival, Connecticut
Westfest, Massachusetts
West Springfield Art Show, Massachusetts
White Plains Art Festival, New York

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